Abby and Wolf Collection

One of the things I wanted to get done for CTN was a printed book of Abby and Wolf comics. I will be printing the pages and binding them as best I can myself! Here is the cover image!

CTNx 2014!!

Happy Saturday night yall!

Are you going to CTNx this year? I am! I’ll be tabling in the main hall with Hillary Bradfield, T198 in Hall A!!

I’ll have all these cute wares, charms, pencil cases, silk scarves, stickers, and hopefully a little collection of all the Abby and Wolf comics I’ve done so far!

If you’re not going to CTN, NO WORRIES! I’ll be making preorders soon for pencil cases and scarves, and I’ll be selling any other remaining things online as well!

hope everyone is having a super saturday!

Found a really cool thing online yesterday!

It's called, and it adds this cool affect to images. works best with photos or drawings with more depth, but I had a great time playing around with it, and I'll play around more for sure.

and here are some more Wolf doodles because she's my favorite thing to draw these days, with some bonus blurry observation doodles.


I'm creating the website! Woohoo! This blog will mirror my tumblr blog. But my portfolio will be in the links above! Thank you for stopping by!